My research often includes understanding software development practices, proposing new approaches and tools that improve the lifes of software developers, or empirically evaluating existing methods. I'm most interested in a few software engineering topics but they often intersect other areas, such as programming languages, human-computer interaction and information systems.

I regularly collaborate with students, companies, professionals, and other researchers.

  • For masters students: I annually propose a few thesis topics for masters students. They are usually within my main research lines, but I can consider other topics that are close-by. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have a specific topic in mind for your thesis that you think I may be interested in supervising.
  • For doctoral students: we have ongoing funding opportunities for exceptional PhD students and research assistants interested in researching on topics such as microservice architectures, cloud adoption, DevOps, software analytics and knowledge management in software engineering. If you wish to apply, please drop me a line. In case you are looking for a PhD programme, I suggest also that you to take a look at ProDEI.
  • For companies: we often work with companies in the context of masters and doctoral theses, or when conducting empirical studies to identify practices or evaluate novel approaches with teams doing work on the field. Feel free to contact me to discuss ways to work together.